Divine Humanity


Divine Humanity (humanity represents not only the human race but all things of creation) is a living spiritual philosophy, wisdom religion, and new consciousness. It is also a pure religion of the people, by the people, and for all the people. Divine Humanity is a religion of philosophy and a living, personal (not institutionalized) religion. As a world philosophy of awe and a religion of equality and simplicity, it conveys a love for all forms of life and acknowledges everything in creation as divine as well as honoring its own unique intrinsic expression. Therefore, not only is every human being a divine human with an intrinsic human expression and the light, holy spark, of God (the Great Mystery) within, but all trees have the divine spark within them and in their intrinsic expression may provide food and shelter for us and for other creatures of the earth.

Divine Humanity is based on the concept of nondifferentiating knowledge. This is the knowledge that fuses into nonduality all dichotomies, such as subject and object. In other words, Divine Humanity is not based on dualism. Its foundation and Worldview is interpenetrating radical nonduality—oneness. There is no separation between the absolute and the relative, dark and light, spirit and matter, or mind and body. The most profound and essential nature of things is not distinct from the things recognizable by our senses. In other words, our sacred selves and our profane selves are nondual and interpenetrate; likewise, all other sentient beings’ (things’) sacred identities and profane identities are nondual and interpenetrate. This is true oneness.

There is no separation; no dualism—just two aspects of a single reality. We may be enlightened and deluded, even defiled and pure at the same time. An example of this is discovered within the biblical myth of Samson—the honey (pure) within the carcass of the lion, or beast (defiled). And of course, we have the lotus that lives in mud (defiled) but opens its beauty (purity) as the light of the sun awakens it.