Fear is a state of separation—Love is a state of unity/oneness.

What can be said? Fear is a reality of human existence. In a few instances it may help us in life by waking us out of a complacent stupor. On the other hand, there is a fear that is very insidious. Daily, it steals a part of our soul. It is the fear that separates—the fear of the unknown.

The fear of the unknown is the fear of death as well as a fear of life, which creates a sense of powerlessness within us. This may lead to dysfunctional behaviors that give rise to an illusionary impression of power. Fear-based belief systems thrive in such a cultural environment as ours. Terrorism is ever present in people’s minds, and this fear drives people to accept the erosion of their freedoms, and to accept unjust religious and greed-based war. This type of fear enlarges people’s unhealthy egos, as their minds need a secure sense of safety, security, and power.

Fear is the opposite of divine universal love. It will keep us from our bliss and an awakened heart. It sees the world as a dangerous place, recognizing not the earthly paradise that is truly laid out before us. Fear, in its innermost recesses, generates greed and the desire for materialistic accumulation. It is the breeding ground for external power and the abuses that go with that power. It is the curse, but then again, the salvation of humanity, as it has the potential to wake us out of the illusionary sleep of separation. When we let go of fear and the unknown, we let go of separation; the veil is lifted and we see and know oneness of self and others. Our light has evolved.

However, there is one important aspect of Love and Fear. It is not a dualistic either – or; one or the other. Within each human they blend together. The key to life is balance—percentage. Even an awakened person still maintains a bit of fear. But the greater aspect of their being is oneness or love. This is an example of radical nondualist consciousness.

Trump’s Wall is a great example of separation and playing on people’s fear. And is the Wall to keep people out or keep people in?

All over this great earth people are experiencing immeasurable fear. This is due to the ever accelerating present world-wide conditions: natural catastrophes, wars, rumors of wars, global-warming, terrorism, the fear of terrorism, disease, depression and the list can go on and on. For many people, these happenings are ever present—a sad reality of life. For others who have not yet been touched by these events, the fear and the dread, of what the future may bring, is still within the fore-front of their consciousness.

For the ruling humanity and their institutions to stay on a devastating path of ecological ruin, materialistic gain and religious conflict will only result in cataclysmic destruction of the earth and its creatures. Not total destruction, mind you, but it will still be a world left “barren” of resources and beauty where our children’s children, and their children, will suffer greatly. All of this is caused by power-driven, greedy-unhealthy-egocentric elites and their capitalistic and religious patriarchal institutions.

Pure and very simply, capitalistic practices and their political cronies, as well as the religious beliefs of stewardship of nature, destroy the bio-sphere of earth. There is no concern for the welfare of the earth and its creatures if they threaten the bottom-line.

The world is a mess. The so-called compassionate foundations of the world are not addressing the cause of the problem. The ones that need to be stopped; the ones “pushing people” into the dark depths of despair by the present currents of life are capitalistic beliefs and practices, the lack of true democracy, and the inequality propagated by the institutional, political and religious elites—and their paradigms of Institutionalized Hierarchal Religion, Capitalism and “Capocracy.”[i]  They are the ones that need to be stopped and their harmful paradigms destroyed. If you agree with me; keep marching, protest, organize and vote in the mid-term elections of 2018.

[i] In today’s world, democracy is not true and pure inclusive democracy but what I call ‘Capocracy’ or Capitalistic-Democracy. Corporations have taken over America and the democracy on which the United States was founded.

U.S. is now a “’flawed democracy’ instead of the ‘full democracy’ ranking it’s held previously, citing the declining trust in government as the cause. The downgrade now puts the U.S. at 21 in international rankings, below Japan and tied with Italy. In terms of rankings, the top three scores went to Norway, Iceland and Sweden.” (Travis Fedschun, US no longer a ‘full democracy,’ report claims, January 25, 2017, http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/01/25/us-no-longer-full-democracy-report-claims.html)

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