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The meaning of the white feather is revealed in our story of the Visitation told fully in Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church? The following is excerpted from Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church? Jesus: His True Message – Not the Lie of the Church.

Sher and I are living proof of past lives and reincarnation. And this proof was revealed by an archangel and two assisting angels—three energetic Otherworld beings unfolded as three massive pillars of light as answer to one of my prayers.

During the summer we always conduct longer-term apprentice trainings out in nature. This summer it was scheduled to be four days, beginning on Friday, August 1, and ending on Monday, August 4. The theme of the training was initiation, fear, and death and rebirth, including the experiential experiences of a twenty-four-hour solitary quest, a stone-built ceremonial death spiral, and bathing.

Since we mostly take novices into the outdoors, I always perform prayers for safety, love, and power before the trainings. This time I did a different prayer. Based on what I knew within my heart and my vision being the morning star, I prayed for a sign to be given of who I was in my last incarnation: “Let them see a sign knowing that I was [name stated].” I mentioned the name as people would recognize it today. I then let go of any expectations about the prayer. Little did I expect the sign—in reality, signs—that would be given.

Early on Sunday afternoon, August 3, 1997, the day of the angelic visitation, we experienced an otherworldly storm. One moment, the sky was crystal clear, tinged only with a few clouds, and in the next moment, the sky darkened into an ominous, swirling, bluish-black tempest. There was a pause of sound and movement as if a giant were holding its breath. And then…thunder, lightning, and rain. Torrents of rain fell as thunder boomed, and lightning struck all around my wife and me and our twelve apprentices. At the time, we didn’t know what to make of such an unusual natural occurrence.

Approximately eight hours later, with the appearance of the archangel[i] and two assisting angels as three immense pillars of light, the reason for the storm became apparent. The volume and intensity of the thunder and rain and the strength and force of the lightning that struck all around us was a purification of the earth and its elements. A major sanctification had taken place. And the angels could now unfold – see below for meaning.

At the visitation, as messengers of God and in answer to my prayer, the archangel and the two assisting angels announced who I had been in my past life and previous incarnation through their presence and the other signs that were shown along with their appearance.

Why is the Visitation Important?

The majority of people influenced by organized religion, especially Christianity and Islam, believe in a single lifetime on earth with reward in heaven or punishment in hell. There is no concept of reincarnation—a future life on earth. Thus, the rampant destruction of the earth, nature and its creatures, including us, all for power and money.

This dogmatic belief of a one-way ticket subtly insinuates that we are not responsible for the future well-being of the land or the earth and its creatures or future generations, as we will not reincarnate back on earth in a future time. As we are observing in this twenty-first century, this belief has opened a Pandora’s Box of ecological destruction.

If we look back in time, we discover that “by the 7th century the Church had rewritten Catholic dogma to obliterate most of the original teachings of esoteric Christian groups such as the Essenes…Most importantly, they edited out all references to the universal doctrine of reincarnation, a central theme throughout Eastern religion as well as Druidic and early Christian life.

“This had a profound effect on all succeeding ages. Before, people believed that their ancestors were still alive in the Otherworld, and that, like themselves, they would be reborn into the group or tribe to which they belonged. In this way, warriors felt it an honour to die in order to protect their people. But there was a deeper responsibility; if you were to be reborn, then the land must be preserved not only for your children, but for yourself when you returned. Short-term exploitation would have been inconceivable. You and your children were, in a very real sense, the land.

“The replacement of this with a ‘one-way trip’ to heaven or hell forever changed people’s attitude as it permeated into everyday life. Under this doctrine that this life was the only one you were ever going to experience, it eventually became acceptable to seize as much as was possible in the short time available. The development of this impulse in recent times may be held to be directly responsible for many of the critical dilemmas facing the world today…

“How far we have come from the ways of antiquity can be shown by our approach to the land in which we live. Today we think nothing of changing the essential features of the countryside in an effort to maximize the yield we may achieve from it or to make living more efficient, even if it blights the lives of those around and has unforeseen and unknowable consequences.”[ii]

The Effect of the Visitation on Spiritual, Philosophical, or Religious Knowledge

The visitation was a sensory, materialistic, firsthand experience witnessed by twelve apprentices and my wife and me. In other words, we experienced something that few, if any, humans can only believe in and not know. The majority of humanity’s spiritual, philosophical, or religious belief is based on secondhand knowledge, either written or oral, from others who have also based their belief on secondhand, thirdhand, and further-removed oral or written knowledge. For example, the Bible.

This miraculous happening opened the gateway to knowing certain truths concerning spiritual, philosophical, or religious beliefs. I will attempt to lay them out as best as I can. One further note: I believe that the visitation provides Occam’s razor validation for some aspects of physicist David Bohm’s theories.

Knowledge: The Interconnection and Interpenetration of Consciousness throughout the Seen and Unseen Universe

  • David Bohm theorized a new reality of the universe. This reality he named the Implicate Order—the hidden aspect of the universe. “The theory of the Implicate Order contains an ultra-holistic cosmic view; it connects everything with everything else. In principle, any individual element could reveal ‘detailed information about every other element in the universe.’ The central underlying theme of Bohm’s theory is the ‘unbroken wholeness of the totality of existence as an undivided flowing movement without borders.’”[iii] In other words, “within the Implicate Order everything is connected; and, in theory, any individual element could reveal information about every other element in the universe.”[iv]
  • Bohm named the known or visible universe or manifest world the “explicate order.” In the Implicate Order, “everything is enfolded into everything. This is in contrast to the explicate order where things are unfolded.”[v]
  • The visitation would provide proof of Bohm’s theory, as the physical appearance of the angels (immense pillars of light) was due to my prayer. For the angels to respond while in the Implicate Order, they would have to have received the information from me in the explicate order.[vi]
  • After the intense, unusual storm, they were present in the afternoon but hidden[vii] while they were still in a layer of the Implicate Order. It was only in the evening that they became visible to us in the explicate order. In Bohm’s terms—until they unfolded.

Knowledge: Reincarnation

  • Based on what I knew within my heart and my vision as the morning star, I prayed for a sign to be given of who I was in my last incarnation: “Let them see a sign knowing that I was [name stated].” I mentioned the name as people would recognize it today.
  • The angels, as well as other signs, responding to my prayer indicate that I was alive before in a different body, place, and time. I am no different from anyone else. If I have had a past life (lives), everyone else has had a past life. This is proof, as far as we can take it, considering we are attempting to prove the unprovable mysteries of life and creation, that our lives on earth are not a one-shot deal with a result of heaven, hell, or oblivion waiting for us.
  • But it is an ongoing death-and-rebirth evolution of our souls—our golden DNA or divine spark or starlight.

Knowledge (the Most Obvious)

  • Sentient beings, which humanity has named angels, physically exist even though they are usually hidden from sight while they remain in Bohm’s Implicate Order. This leads to a conclusion that other sentient beings exist, such as faeries and, in Iceland, the hidden ones. But once again they are in the Implicate Order and hidden from our senses and sight. 

    May Peace Be Upon You This Season and All Seasons


[i] The archangel was Mikael, known to most as the archangel Michael.

[ii] Paul Broadhurst, Tintagel and the Arthurian Myths, 99–100.

[iii] Beatrix Murrell,

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[vi] Bohm’s theory of the implicate order stresses that the cosmos is in a state of process. Bohm’s cosmos is a “feedback” universe that continuously recycles forward into a greater mode of being and consciousness.

[vii] One of our apprentices took a picture of me during the day while we finished building the stone death spiral. No one saw what the camera picked up. The picture is not of pillars of light. It is an intense and immense light off to my left in the woods with two globes of light suspended above. The light has a shape almost like a sword in its center with golden rays coming off of it. It’s been verified that it is not a reflection of the lens of the instant camera that took the picture.

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