Belize 2004


It was at the end of July when I flew into Belize. The airport reminded me of Cancun circa 1987. It was a breath of fresh air compared to many other tourist destination airports. Belize is a land of jaguars, iguanas, parrots, butterflies, hummingbirds, an abundance of medicinal plants and the endangered Morelet’s Crocodile (water dragon). This is a sacred land of mountains and jungles, waterfalls, caves and lagoons, and literally thousands of Maya sites, with more being discovered every year. It is the Caribbean at its best, no wonder the buccaneers of the past fell in love with it—English being the official language.

I have been blessed to have journeyed to many distant lands before the advent of eco-tourism and New Agers. When there is an increase in tourism, restrictions are put into place on sacred sites and the ability to conduct spiritual practice is limited and the silence of the land disappears. I felt that Belize had not been discovered and was still “virgin land.”

I also chose Belize for another reason. As the Morning Star this was a most auspicious time to visit Belize. We were entering an eight-year period beginning with the passage of Venus, or transit, across the sun on June the 8th, when Venus goes from evening star to morning star. Venus will be as the morning star when we are in Belize. This is the last Venus cycle of the Fifth Sun, which was birthed by Venus on August 12, 3114 BCE. It ends on the winter solstice, December 21, 2012 CE. According to prophecies 2012 on is the difficult time of labor foreshadowing earth changes that ushers in the birth of the enlightened age of the Sixth Sun. During this transition time, the Maya World Tree, Ceiba, will shake but not fall. The shaking symbolizes earth quakes and earth changes…

This post is continued in my pages And Then It Rained

Women, Religion, and Nature


Excerpted from: Do You Like Jesus – Not the Church? Jesus: His True Message Not the Lie of Christianity.

There is great value in the world. Our world of everyday experience is the world of the divine. They are not separate. The cry of a crow is the sound of the divine. The daily chorus of beauty freely given to us by the winged ones reflects the heavenly music of the spheres. Our ordinary world provides us with an ongoing message of beauty, of spirit. But we need to listen—with quiet minds and hearts.

Nature is wondrous, a precious gem to embrace, and one not to be found within your smartphone, chasing Pokémon, or in your iPad. Your choice—wake up to the beauty of nature and each other, or stay asleep in a self-contained, secure illusion of life.

Philosophically and practically, it makes sense that “the Earth is female, reflecting the consonance between nature’s fecundity and the fertility of women.”[i] Millennia ago, the earth as divine Mother was acknowledged and honored as truth. This was a time when a human’s consciousness was one of partnership with nature, not one of domination. This predominator mind recognized “our oneness with all of nature”[ii] and “was far advanced beyond today’s environmentally destructive ideology.”[iii] Both men and women worked together in equality and partnership for the well-being of society and the community.

As the wheel of time turned, things changed, and not for the better—for humanity or for the earth. The goddess traditions were gradually replaced with a paradigm of male domination in all areas of life. The serpent honored by the earth-based religions as a symbol of wisdom, prophecy, and death and rebirth was slowly transformed into an image of evilness by the Jewish scribes’ editing of Moses’s oral teachings and traditions and by the liars of Pauline Christianity.

Women and religion would seem to be a natural mix. But that has not been the case on earth for thousands of years. ”Even that enlightened being, Gautama the Buddha, when he was finally forced to allow women monks into his company, sadly declared that his real living message, which would have lasted 2500 years without women, would not survive longer than 500 after all.

“According to some Islamic theologians women can’t enter Paradise and should not receive religious instruction. There are still many orthodox mosques which retain the signs, ‘women, dogs and other impure animals are not permitted to enter.’

“The Jains of India, while they have many women among their monks, do not believe a woman can become enlightened, unless she takes a male body in her last reincarnation. Orthodox Hindus will not allow women in some of their temples and no woman is allowed if she has her period.

“But no religion, even today, is so tyrannical and unjust to women as the Christian church, Roman or Reformed. In its entire history there is not a single case in which women are accepted as equals to men.”[iv]

Therefore, it is a fact of history that the earth and women have lived under male domination for thousands of years and have suffered, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, the consequences of this domination. If you dominate women, you feel entitled to dominate the earth, as the earth, or nature, symbolizes the feminine. If the religious dualistic paradigms of the day put forth and endorse the belief that men are superior to woman and rule the earth and all its creatures, the gate of hell on earth flies open to social, economic, and ecological servitude, abuse, death, and destruction by justifying any patterns of behavior toward the dominated. One of the primary means of domination is control of wealth, bodies, reproductive health, and sexual activity.

The church, the mosque, and the temple have all relegated females and the earth to a lesser status in regard to the rules and authority of males— the mandate that is supposedly God-given. Under this mandate, the rape of the earth, overseen by the patriarchal, capitalist religious or industrial czars, is acceptable—all approved by their god of power and greed.[v] What subconscious message does this mandate give to males?

There are multitudes of examples of the male-dominated religions controlling, or is it dominating, women’s bodies, reproductive health, and sexual activity. These range from the covering of the head or female body in Islam[vi] to the condemnation of birth control as a sin by the Catholic Church.

Females were not the only ones dominated by the church and government. Conquered indigenous cultures faced cultural and spiritual annihilation and forced domination of minds and bodies. One example of the church- and government- sanctioned domination of male bodies by other males was the practice of cutting off the long hair of captured Native American warriors.

Their long hair, just like that of the Spartans and other warrior cultures, was a symbol of their spiritual and physical power—to cut it was a symbolic act of castration.

Today, the corporate culture has once again castrated males by encouraging no head hair just a “shave-looked” mentality! Power and control willingly given over to the corporate/government masters…

Furthermore, injustice and enslavement is the doctrine of Islam that requires females to cover their hair and in some causes their entire body. But this subject is for another day.

Keep in mind; I am against all paradigms of control and domination such as Capitalism, Islam, and Christianity. And for Christianity … I have a special soul vendetta against them and their Lie.

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“The big banks will do whatever the big banks need to do to turn a profit. And that usually comes at the greatest cost to middle class lives and livelihoods. In that respect Hurricane Sandy is a little like the foreclosure crisis: both were created by Wall Street and in both Wall Street has somehow managed to escape accountability” (Jessica Pieklo, “How the Big Banks Helped Cause Hurricane Sandy,” November 1, 2012,

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Don’t Slip


“Transmigration of souls is based on the idea that a soul may pass out of one body and reside in another (human or animal) or in an inanimate object.

The most fully articulated doctrine of transmigration is found in Hinduism. Each soul passes from one body to another in a continuous cycle of births and deaths, their condition in each existence being determined by their actions in previous births.

It may be viewed that transmigration is closely interwoven with the concept of Karma (action), which involves the inevitable working out, for good or ill, of all action in a future existence. The whole experience of life, whether of happiness or sorrow, is a just reward for deeds (good or bad) done in earlier existences. The cycle of karma and transmigration may extend through innumerable lives; the ultimate goal is the reabsorption of the soul into the ocean of divinity from whence it came.”[i]

This last part: “the ultimate goal is the reabsorption of the soul into the ocean of divinity from whence it came” is what I call the doctrine of going back to the “soup.” This is the concept of the oneness of dualistic consciousness.

This is different from the oneness of radical nonduality consciousness; meaning never in the soup but an eternal journey of soul evolution – even archangels evolve. Keep in mind that I know the truth of reincarnation based on my physical sensory experience of the Visitation witnessed by my wife and twelve others.

Concerning the soup; as I’ve said many times, not an exciting premise to struggle to achieve a magnificent vibration of our starlight and then to end up in the soup. How about the billions of galaxies with trillions of sentient beings where we could evolve even further our immortal journey of starlight even though this journey, quest if you choose, involves struggle and suffering – but what brilliance there is in that struggle..

I don’t buy into Karma as it is taught. Remember for every action there is a reaction or consequence/result. Movement is essential – right action (heart action) – what we do, our actions, do vibrate for eternity. Each incarnation, our soul, starlight, is the sum total of all our incarnations – our actions including not acting. No one is being punished for a previous lifetime – punishment is a human construct not one of the Divine Mind even though the lying Jewish scribes would want you to believe…

So, I’ve symbolically wrestled with the whole concept of transmigration more so with just the human side – (of course as some of us know – cats are higher souls!)

What type of incarnation does a soul such as Hitler’s receive? Organized Religion, of course, uses a dualistic ax of heaven (paradise) or hell – so act like Hitler end up in Hell – no incarnation for you – this is nothing more than terroristic bullshit.

But through his actions what happens to his starlight, which determines his body in time and space. Of course, Hitler is an extreme but how about our actions during our present journey of life – what happens in the next life?

This does get very complicated – but in simplistic terms – our actions during our journey of life determine if we will take the next step on the metaphoric ladder of soul evolution, remain on the same rung and have to face the same issues again in a different body, space and time—or have we fallen down the ladder – how far depends on what happens in our next life …


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