Death is Life and Life is Death


I usually post awesome pictures of nature. Accordingly, I have a question for you to ponder. What went through your mind when you viewed the picture above?


Life is a gift; just ask a woman that has lost a potential child to miscarriage or stillbirth. But in our journey of life we seem to squander that gift and in the end, unprepared and resistant, we face our death in fear.

When we have not experienced many symbolic deaths in life such as the one experienced in the death and rebirth rite of bathing (symbolic death by drowning), we will cling to life no matter the circumstances.

It is nobler to die fighting that knelling as a sheep. We are born, we journey, we die, which gives us life again as we are reborn with another opportunity to give our soul’s gift back to the world. I know this, as I know the truth of reincarnation.

It is better to die nobly not a straw death in bed or hooked up to tubes. Go out with a song on your lips with your loved ones singing your passage to the Otherworld—and it is Not a one way trip.

Life is choice. Every day we make the choice to do right or not. In Norse-Germanic philosophy a gift given needs a gift returned. The choice to spend a life seeking materialism and external power does not equate a gift given back to our soul, to our family, the Otherworld, or to the earth.

But it’s never too late to give back and choose to do right for the greater wellbeing. And in the giving and right action, we will receive—our bond to nature, others and the divine will strengthen. And then at the end of our journey, death is not a foe to fear but a friend to embrace.

Coward – American Arrogance – Stupidity on Display


Life provides a great follow-up to my previous post on “Green It Is” where I mentioned stupidity. Stupidity is a mental dullness that separates the heart from the mind. And stupidity generates ignorance and arrogance.

Hope Solo the Olympic U.S. soccer goalkeeper, called the winning Swedes in their match “cowards.” Cowards – two teams facing each other in a sport, how can one team be a coward? They came to play. If they didn’t show up then maybe you could brand them as cowards.

On the other hand, cowards are the elites of the world that send others to their death to do their dirty-work for power and the almighty “buck.”

I feel Charlemagne was a despicable, contemptible, and loathsome human being sending thousands and thousands of pagans to their death when they refused to convert to Christianity. But he was no coward. He was a warrior leading the slaughter of innocents not holed-up in an ivory palace dictating the slaughter as happens in today’s world.

Stupidity breeds ignorance and arrogance. It was a stupid comment by Solo.

Arrogance is a hallmark of traveling Americans outside of the U.S. I know through experience not only firsthand but by my interactions with the locals of foreign lands. Americans, instead of fitting in with the local culture, want to maintain their own familiarity of life while viewing others as below them—thus the label of the arrogant American.

In all of my solo travels to foreign lands I was never taken as an American. When the locals would discover that I was from the U.S., they would shake their heads and tell me that they thought I was a local as I fit in as one of them and wasn’t arrogant or demanding of them. This led them to believe that I was not an American.

I always honored and followed the local customs and culture. Many people that travel to foreign lands do not. This is one of the reasons for the immigration crisis in Europe. The immigrants do not want to accept or follow the local culture, which just fans the fires of resentment, anger, and fear against these strangers in a strange land.

When you travel aboard, learn not to be a stranger but a follower of the local culture—embrace it and enjoy the differences that make life wonderful.

Green It Is

green nature1

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”[i]

Green[ii] is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, fertility, revitalization, and rebirth. Green stimulates our pituitary gland. This is one of the reasons to spend quality time in nature and becoming one with it.

Green is the color of the Heart Chakra which connects us with the world around us. If your world is solely composed of materialistic thought processes and human designed environments with little time spent in nature and no concern for the well-being of others, then your heart is asleep—symbolically hard and dead.

Green symbolizes prosperity, freshness, and progress.

In other words concerning political parties, the Green Party represents and stands for ecological and progressive causes. It is the party of the “green heart,” not the black heart of the Democrats and Republicans.

I am ever amazed with the workings of creation and the Great Mystery. But on the contrary, I do become frustrated with the seemly injustices of life. But I trust in its knowable ways. The threads have been woven of the foreknowledge of the becoming and birth of a true three party system in our so-called democracy. The future timing is unknown.

A two-party system has been sustained in our country due to the dualistic consciousness of the majority of people. In other words, for many, you’re either a democrat or a republican. And identify as such. When you see little power within oneself you identify with something or things outside of self. This is one of the reasons why merchandise of sports teams, political parties and so-forth are so popular and bring in big bucks. When you don’t see your identity being the inner power of self, you seek identity externally.

Will there be a true three-party system? In 1854 the Republican Party was founded, which was the last time Neptune was in Pisces. Currently Neptune is in Pisces until 2026. Research if interested.

I do agree with Chris Hedges that the president is just a puppet of the old money corporate elite families.

Interesting times—according to Mesoamerican teachings our soul has five enemies—disease, death, stupidity, arrogance and fear. Ones spiritually asleep are stupid. From stupidity flows: ignorance (false views of things), dullness of spirit, and naïve incompetence; and because of stupidity humans are fearful and arrogant. But we are not done. Arrogance breeds greed, pride and vanity, lying and false pretenses, incompetence, savagery cold hard-heartedness. Does this sound familiar?

Oh, and by the way, I’m voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party.

[i] Pedro Calderon de la Barca

[ii] Green and Gold are the colors of Divine Humanity.

Consciousness – Raise it, don’t think so!


A common premise concerning consciousness is the need to raise it. On the surface this may sound like a great idea. On the other hand, maybe it’s not that great of a notion even though the concept of rising up would seem to be very progressive and positive. Being employed we look forward to a “raise.” And doesn’t raising our consciousness mean moving to a higher position; lift it up; elevate it? Yes, raising consciousness means elevating it to a higher level. But is that what we really want or need to do?

Let’s explore the fallacy in this concept of raising consciousness.

First, exactly what is consciousness? It seems the answer to this question is as slippery as an eel or as difficult to hold on to as a moonbeam. “Explaining the nature of consciousness is one of the most important and perplexing areas of philosophy, but the concept is notoriously ambiguous.”[i] But I’m going to make it less so. Consciousness is the sixth element. This makes it no less ambiguous than fire. Fire is an element, and so is consciousness.

However, consciousness as the sixth element is, in reality, divine consciousness. Moses and Jesus both experienced the divine call as something heard and something seen—in the form of a vision and a voice.[ii] This was the voice of God or the divine consciousness. Both were awakened and became aware of the blended aspects of spirit and matter.

Divine consciousness does not exist alone. It interpenetrates the other five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. In other words, divine consciousness is within all things of the seen and unseen worlds. All things are conscious and aware. This means all—not only creatures but such things as trees and even the earth itself. We are all one, all conscious and aware.

Thus, divine consciousness is a consciousness of oneness. This is not the thought of oneness but the consciousness of it. In other words, our thoughts flow from our consciousness. And our thoughts determine our reality. As we think, we become.

We are born with a consciousness of oneness, but within an unknown period of time, it is overshadowed by a dualistic consciousness. This is the reason why the majority of people have a dualistic consciousness, which also means their thought patterns are dualistic—right and wrong, good and evil, win and lose, success and failure.

Common sense deems raising our dualistic consciousness only results in a greater sense of duality which means greater thought processes of separation or dichotomy— two opposed ideas such as war and peace.

Our dualistic consciousness does not need to be raised but transformed back to our original birth consciousness of radical nonduality where all dichotomies permeate each other such as spirit interpenetrates matter—true oneness. And when you awaken, your earthly awareness expands and your original consciousness blends together with your dualistic consciousness.

Radical Nonduality is Heart-Mind Consciousness

Our heart-mind consciousness is our awakening and awakened minds. It is still corruptible and deluded but awakening to the reality of interpenetrating radical nonduality. It is a shift from viewing life totally from the I position to one where the I and the we interpenetrate—the I in the we, and the we in the I.

Our consciousness flows from our hearts through our minds—the sun of our hearts gives light to the moon of our minds. We no longer recognize people by race and gender but as human beings with a divine spark within. Judgments and discernments are not made on a label of color or sex but on the basis of the person’s actions to us and to others.

True compassion is centered in the heart, not in the mind. Compassion is not an intellectual exercise but a feeling within our hearts and our bodies of the struggle and suffering of others. It is from our hearts that we may truly acknowledge our own struggle and suffering and our loved ones’ struggle and suffering through the challenges and obstacles that life invariably throws at us.

[i] Rocco J. Gennaro, “Consciousness,” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

[ii] In October of 1993, my wife, Sherry, and I conducted a spiritual journey to the Big Island of Hawaii. To begin the journey, we conducted a spiritual, or religious, ceremony called a burning or feeding the spirits of the ancestors. We performed the ceremony the day before my vision at dusk. In the predawn hours, less than twelve hours later, I experienced the divine call both as something heard and something seen—in the form of a vision and a voice. “This star is you; you are this star. The purification is of the people; all are one.” This star was Venus, the morning star.