Iceland—Going the Way of Machu Picchu?

Snæfellsjökull 2015
Snæfellsjökull 2015

Sherry and I first set foot on the volcanic paradise of Iceland in 2010. Since then I have taken spiritual groups to experience the power and beauty of one of nature’s gift to humanity. Each year I observed an increase in tourism—many not respecting the land and doing stupid things; some that caused their deaths.

Freyja’s paradise has little regard for stupidity and disrespect. During our first journeys, the West of Iceland, the mystical peninsula of Snæfellsnes, was void of tourist; but not last year. The peninsula is home to Snæfellsjökull – the Mythical Glacier. The Glacier and I have a special soul relationship. It is a powerful chakra and energy vortex—the Heart Chakra of the Earth and one of the great energy centers of the Earth. Supposedly, the Glacier is connected with Mt Shasta and the Keops Pyramid in Egypt—a ley line from the pyramid goes directly through Reykjavik and the Glacier. This ley line is connected with the Orion star system.

In past years we’ve been alone on Snæfellsjökull; but not last year. It saddens me that Iceland seems to be going the way of Machu Picchu. I walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 1988 and we were the only ones on the trail. And then we were able to conduct ceremony within Machu Picchu all night long. When I guided two of our Apprentices there in 2007—all had changed. It was now the “Wally World” of the Incas—so sad. And Machu Picchu is not alone. I won’t name all of the sacred places that have been over-run with New Agers and tourists. Two examples are the Tor , Glastonbury, England in 1981, it was only the sheep and us on the Tor; and Tulum, Mexico where in 1987, the beach below, supposedly now rated number one in the world, was inaccessible, except if you knew the Caribbean way into Tulum at night.

Sherry and I are taking a group once again this September—this might be the last time we guide a group to Iceland. I’ll return to Snæfellsjökull. For me it’s like a 16 year-old single malt—one sip and you have to have more.


Indigenous Consciousness—the Beauty of a Lily and a Rose

Lily Rose

An Indigenous Consciousness is a consciousness of interpenetrative radical nonduality—a oneness of being.

If you have read my posts or profile, you would have come across the term radical nonduality. And you may not be familiar with its meaning as it is radically different from nonduality—thus the name radical nonduality.

Radical Nonduality states that Principle (Heart) and Knowledge (Mind) are nondual. Macrocosmically, Principle is the entire cosmos – Knowledge is the Divine Consciousness that permeates and interpenetrates the entire cosmos. The unseen world and the seen world are not opposed or separated but are two aspects of a single reality.

In contrast to radical nonduality, duality states that reality is composed of two diametrically opposite forces, such as night and day. Then we have nonduality, which believes that dualism is an illusory phenomenon. There is no self and other in this concept of nonduality. It prescribes to an ultimate reality that is neither of the body or mind and may be termed the one. This state of being may not be achieved while on earth, only after death. Branches of this philosophy deem the earth and our physical body as corrupt and evil. People will refer to this as oneness—a state of being, possibly achievable only after physical death.

On the contrary, our Indigenous Consciousness of radical nonduality sees a reality where there is no separation between mind and body, dark and light, or spirit and matter. The most profound and essential nature of things is not distinct from the things recognizable by our senses. In other words, our sacred self and our profane self are nondual and interpenetrate; likewise, all other sentient beings’ (things’) sacred identities and profane identities are nondual and interpenetrate. This is true oneness. And we may awaken to this Indigenous Consciousness while still alive in this imperfect and corruptible body and mind.

Our Indigenous Consciousness is “first knowledge.”[i] It is knowledge that is woven throughout and found in all the “first people” (i.e., indigenous) spiritual and religious traditions on this earth. This “first knowledge” has been referred to as primordial knowledge or the Primordial Tradition (perennial philosophy). As such it portrays universal themes, principles, and truths. In other words, “the term Primordial Tradition is utilized to describe a system of spiritual thought and metaphysical truths that overarches all the other religions and esoteric traditions of humanity.”[ii] Furthermore, “the perennial philosophy proposes that reality, in the ultimate sense, is One, Whole, and undivided—the omnipresent source of all knowledge and power. We do not perceive this reality because the field of human cognition is restricted by the senses. But the perennial philosophy claims that these limitations can be transcended.”[iii] And yes they can.

At birth our consciousness was one of radical nonduality. Within an unknown period of time our indigenous consciousness was over-shadowed by our dualistic consciousness. Our journey in life is to awaken back to our birth Indigenous Consciousness of radical nonduality.



[i] In October of 1993, my wife, Sherry, and I conducted a spiritual journey to the Big Island of Hawaii. To begin the journey, we conducted a spiritual, or religious, ceremony called a burning or feeding the spirits of the ancestors. We performed the ceremony the day before my vision at dusk. In the predawn hours, less than twelve hours later, I experienced the divine call both as something heard and something seen—in the form of a vision and a voice. “This star is you; you are this star. The purification is of the people; all are one.” This star was Venus, the morning star.

The next morning at the Big Island’s White Sand Beach, my native Hawaiian healer friend gave me a message from one of his ancestors who came to him during the burning. “My ancestor brought me a message…but it’s for you. My ancestor said that you are a kahuna po’o (high priest)…you are a prophet bringing back ‘first knowledge’—the lost knowledge and sacred teachings that have been misunderstood, forgotten, and corrupted.

You have a message, path, and way to share with this world, but do not identify it as being from these islands or other lands. This only separates people and does not unite them. Name it whatever you like. Don’t get discouraged with the resistance you will face; it’s your destiny.”

The name I chose was Divine Humanity. Briefly, all things are divine with the spark—the starlight of God, the Great Mystery, the All—within them. In other words, the divine is within all things (seen and unseen), and all things are within the divine. This is radical nonduality or oneness, where spirit and matter, the absolute and relative, interpenetrate. One important aspect—there is no original sin, only original divinity.

Divine Humanity believes that each and every person has an immortal spark within him or her—an indestructible seed of divine light—the divine immanence. This indestructible seed of divine light may be likened to a mustard seed within our hearts. Our indestructible seed of divine light is our Indigenous Consciousness and may be awakened bringing the light and love of our heart out to others and to the world.


[iii] G. Philippe Menos and Karen A. Jones Menos, Revelation and Inspiration: Paranormal Phenomena in Light of the Kundalini Paradigm (May 21–23, 1989): 3.

One instead of Zero

In the beginning of this video on the Fibonacci series, there is one glaring mistake; an example of a lack of ancient knowledge. The video begins with zero and not with one. This mistake turns a radical non-dualistic reality into one of dualism. However, outside of this mistake, the video is visually stunning and informative.

Moreover, this mistake is found in other articles explaining the Fibonacci number series. This problem of beginning with zero is also to be found within the modern tarot. As it evolved, the twenty-two cards of the Tarot’s Major Arcana incorporated the magical numbering process of the Hebrew alphabet. Beginning with Aleph (1) the Magician and completing with Tav (400) the twenty-second card—the World. Contrary to this numbering system, most present day tarot systems utilize zero as their beginning card and call the zero card—the Fool. In these systems the last card the World is number twenty-one, not twenty-two.[i] This is one of the indications that this numbering placement is incorrect.[ii]

Sacred Science

There is a little known fact that, at one time, the mystical science of numbers began with one, not with zero. This was an acknowledgement of the scientific theology that all came and comes from One. Sacred geometry has always believed in the metaphysical philosophy of the unity and the inexplicable oneness of existence. While the ancients began with one, present day mathematics and geometry begin with zero.

Using zero, not one, as a foundational point is a flaw of earthquake proportions. The reason being, that the utilization of zero results in a dualistic reality of life. Used as a mathematical truth, it perpetrates a cultural and societal reality of dualism, which only further separates humanity from humanity and from humanity’s terrestrial and celestial nature.

“Unity is a philosophic concept and a mystic experience expressible mathematically. The Western mentality, however, withdrew its discipline of acknowledging a supra-rational, unknowable mystery as its first principle. Our present thought is based on the following numerical and logical sequence: -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….

“With zero in the center, there is a quantitative expansion 1, 2, 3 … and our sense of balance requires having -1, -2, -3 … on the other side, giving a series of non-existent abstractions (negative quantities) which demand an absurd logic. The system has a break-point, zero, disconnecting the continuum and dissociating the positive numbers from the negative balancing series. In the ancient Egyptian numerical progression, beginning with one rather than zero, all the elements are natural and real: 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. All the elements flow out from the central unity in accordance with the law of inversion or reciprocity.”[iii]

The Egyptians’ felt that “zero represents a nothingness, an absence, and implies that something does not exist and for the Egyptians everything is—even Chaos, the negation, is.”[iv] In other words, “the great Unity, the number One is the totality of all existence; all things are One in essence, and love is the cohesive force that makes possible the recognition of all the parts.”[v]

[i] I’ll explain in a future post.

[ii] The letters of the Hebrew alphabet, twenty-two in number, are cosmic hieroglyphs of great spiritual significance and power…. The Hebrew letters are used for numbers in this way: Aleph to Yod, the first ten letters, are written to signify the numbers 1 to 10. From Kaph, the eleventh letter, the numeration is by tens; instead of being written for the number 11, Kaph or K is written for 20. The letters follow in order from Kaph (K) to Koph or Quoph (Q), signifying the numbers from 20 to 100. The remaining three letters, like Quoph, are written for hundreds: R for 200, S for 300, and T for 400.


[iv] Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson, The Book of Doors, 13.

[v] Ibid., 11.

The Heart of our Home


The word “earth” is an anagram for the word “heart.” 

The magnificent beauty of the earth flows from its divine essence—the divine starlight within it. This divine starlight flows out from the earth’s heart, its core, and blends with all of its children from the tiniest speck of soil to the grandest mountain as it spreads across the totality of its body. And the starlight of all the creatures blends with this divine essence of the earth.

If you have ever sat in silence by a flowing mountain stream, you would have had a feeling of the earth’s divineness[i]—of its starlight coursing through you. At that moment you experienced an oneness with the earth even though your consciousness was dualistic. Once removed from this paradise of bliss, your mind once again sees and feels being separate from the earth and others.

To maintain bliss of our earthly paradise, we must awaken to a new consciousness of radical nonduality. Of course, we will still struggle in life, possible suffer, but when we have awakened to a consciousness of radical nonduality, we know and feel within our heart’s essence the earth’s power and light as well as the power and light of all. We are no longer separate but united as one.

And what is a primary hindrance to awakening—a consciousness of separation; a consciousness of fear. Fear, a sense of separation, not only keeps us from the bliss but affects our body’s immune system.


One of the consequences of a dualistic consciousness and thought process is pure and simple, fear.[ii] But our fear is not just in our mind. It’s in our body and affects our immune system as does our other thought processes. The mind and body are not separate but blended. Fear in the mind resisters in the base of the spine,[iii] in esoteric circles this area of the body is known as the first chakra[iv]—“cave of the beast.”

Our Brain is not “Immune Privileged”

This concept used to be dogma, but no longer as research has shown that the brain directly affects the immune system. Keep in mind that the brain is not our only thought process, “our heart also thinks! It is an intelligence system. In fact, the brain receives more orders from the heart than the heart receives from the brain. In Biblical usage, the word heart has meant mind, knowledge, thinking, reflection, and memory.”[v]

According to Holly Brothers PhD, The Brain Loses Its Immune Privilege, “a new study suggests that brain immune surveillance communicates with the immune system and can generate adaptive immune responses. The authors infer that previously characterized glymphatic washing of the brain likely connects to the lymphatic system; a testable hypothesis. The authors further suggest that this system will change the way we think about neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

“So what does this mean? In the biggest sense, it means that something we have believed as dogma did not exist in the brain does, and has been in plain sight. This finding is radical in this historical context, but connects the brain immune system to the body in a way that feels intuitive. These data show that the brain is in no way immune privileged in the classic sense, although the brain immune response is in some ways different from peripheral immune responses.”[vi]

Additionally, according to Jon Lieff, M.D., Brain and Immunity Fight Internal and External Foes Together, “small Immune T cells have a very complex life, travelling to different regions of the body and maturing gradually through stages to be able to engage and fight a wide range of invaders. The T cell ( T for maturation in the thymus) is one of only two cells that edits and splices its own DNA to make a vast array of different receptors (the other cell is the immune B cell that makes antibodies). As remarkable as this process is, perhaps even more remarkable is the new data showing that immune T cells are critical for cognitive function. This function is through wireless communication with the brain.”[vii]

In other words, the immune system has a wireless communication system between itself and brain cells. Concerning T cells, stress and learning, Dr. Lieff states that “Normal learning involves some stress response. Stress related to the subject of learning helps, other types do not. Chronic stress is very detrimental, impairing learning and decreasing the amount of new neurons used for learning. Immune deficient mice with poor stress response don’t learn as well. T cells make this learning better. The immune response is critical for the human stress response, for spatial learning and memory and for making new brain cells.”[viii] Furthermore, “recent data have suggested key roles for immune cells in healthy brain functions, including psychological stress responses, spatial learning and memory, and adult neurogenesis.”[ix]

Our “Cave of Spirit” and our Spatial Decipherable/Memory[x]

Our “cave of spirit” is perched within the recesses of our posterior fontanelle, which is triangular in shape and lies at the apex of the occipital bone. With its location at the base of the skull, it directly leads into the reptilian and paleomammalian parts of our brain protecting the self, the survival of the unhealthy ego (the “I”) through any means possible. But within the paleomammalian section of the brain lays the key to enlightenment, health and happiness—the pineal and pituitary glands. The reptilian and paleomammalian are two parts of “triune brain” with the third part being our present human neomammalian brain.

To further our research into hidden knowledge, we need to realize that there is interconnection and interplay between the instinctual responses of the reptilian, the autonomic emotional states of the paleomammalian and the cognitive processes of the neomammalian brain. And that the interaction between the three levels is not based primarily on verbal language but on other forms of information gathering and processing such as sounds, symbols, non-language chants and sensory and spatial input.

In fact, spatial decipherable/memory ability provides one of the clues to our personal interactive quality of our “triune brain.” Our spatial ability, functionally in the right brain, is one physically discernible window into our consciousness concerning self and others. It is not the only clue and good spatial ability does not in and of itself equate an elevated or enlightened consciousness. However, if we do have good spatial ability, which is the perception of self in time and space relative to other things, our body/mind consciousness senses unity more than separation from other things. And the reverse is true. The greater the chasm of consciousness reality between self and other (dualistic separation) reveals itself in poor spatial decipherable/memory ability and thus poor interaction between the three sections of our brain.[xi]

As a final point, by combining the knowledge above, what are your conclusions?

[i] A Divine earth is a principle in opposition to the Church’s dogma and doctrine even though Jesus’ primary teaching was the Kingdom of God within us and outside us.

[ii] Love is unity consciousness; fear is separation consciousness.

[iii] Testosterone hormone is our bodily source of physical strength, will power and sexual potency. It is the source of our beast within. This important hormone is made in large amounts by the testicles of men. But testosterone is not limited solely to men. Women produce testosterone in their ovaries even though it is only about one tenth of what a male produces just as a male produces a small amount of the female hormone estrogen. Additionally, both men and women produce a small amount of testosterone in their adrenal glands which are the source of our fight/flight mechanism—the power of our beast. But, “the modern, technological world gives us few positive outlets for this energy, and yet the pressures of our lives are constantly causing our bodies to send us hormonal messages to fight or flee.”

[iv] This is the realm of fear and our beast within. The 1st chakra is the named the Root Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine and deals with issues of security, basic needs, basic human survival, profane sex and inappropriate sexual activity (un-awakened beast) and one’s sense of ‘roots’ and family and connection to the earth (an unawakened first chakra views earth/nature as hostile). This is the chakra of dualism. Endocrine System: Reproductive Glands/Adrenals. The color symbolism is red.

[v] Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt, Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church?, 7

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[x] Term coined by Dr. Husfelt

[xi] An unpublished manuscript of Dr. Husfelt’s

Life is Magic – Magic is Life

Each dot, blur and smudge is an entire galaxy
Each dot, blur and smudge is an entire galaxy

Philosophically, life is magical. On the other hand, the reality is—life is magical. The universe, seen and unseen, is reflective in its primary essence, which makes magic a natural phenomenon. What is viewed as a coincidence or a synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) are the effects of this magical phenomenon. Even though Jung coined the term synchronicity as “a significant coincidence of physical and psychological phenomena that are acausal connected,”[i] his thinking was wrong on the reality of such happenings. This was especially true when he connected synchronicity with “grace.”  Grace is a Christian theological term denoting divine gifts without which human salvation would be impossible. This is Christian brainwashing with no truth in reality. In contrast to grace, we have compassion, which comes from within us, whereas grace comes from outside us as divine gifts from a judgmental Christian God.

Compassion is magical. Grace is fear mongering. With a reflective universe, our compassionate act will be reflected back to us in some way. Possibly in a manner that seemingly has no connection with our act in the first place. For a very simple example of the reflective phenomena, look in a mirror and smile; what do you see? A smiling face. Now look in the same mirror and frown; what do you see reflected back to you? Why of course, a frown.

Have you ever asked yourself why, many women who get divorced end up with another male or female who have the same traits as their first mate—different face, same essence? The answer, reflective magic is happening but probably many would call this magic, “black magic,” if you know what I mean.


It’s been more than one hundred years since Max Planck, the theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics, said that he regards “consciousness as fundamental,” that he regards “matter as a derivative from consciousness,” and that “everything we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

In other words, consciousness intertwines or interpenetrates matter: Consciousness (Divine Mind) does not exist alone. It interpenetrates the other five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. In other words, divine consciousness is within all things of the seen (matter) and unseen (spirit) worlds.

It stands to reason that a portion of the reflective essence of reality (seen and unseen) is consciousness. Additionally, quantum physics has shown that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter; we ought to rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.”[ii]

Since everything is interconnected in a web of consciousness, our thoughts and actions have effects that are more far-reaching and profound than we think. Magic is happening but is it really what you want?

Connected with this concept of the reflective nature of the universe are space, time, fate and destiny. Philosophically, there is no future. There is only past, non-past and present. These along with fate and destiny, I will discuss in a future post.



How Did It All Begin?


Was there a Big Bang? When our consciousness is dualistic, our thoughts that flow from this consciousness give birth to theories that are materialistically and mechanically based on a single reality of an observable seen universe. Based on this, the universe is seen as a machine. But, what if the universe is mind/consciousness composed of an unseen world that permeates our seen world? Then there is no singularity to be termed the Big Bang (most assuredly a term coined by men). How then, did it all begin?

If not a Big Bang, could it have been a Reflection? Look in a mirror; what do you see? People are obsessed with their smartphone’s ability to capture pictures and video. And what is a picture—nothing more than a reflection of a moment in time.

Not Image but Reflection

Words have power. They influence and may impact a person’s core beliefs such as the Biblical rendering that humans are made in the “image” of God. Which infers that everything else in creation is lesser than…

But what would be the impact on people’s dualistic consciousness if that was not true that we are not made in the “image” of God but we are a “reflection” of God (Absolute, the All, the great Mystery, the Uncreated and Created, the Concealed and Revealed) and so is everything else in creation!

The Paradox of Creation

Past cultures such as the Egyptians have attempted to solve this paradox concerning the beginning of creation by stating that the original divine unity or One secreted something of its substance such as spittle, sweat, tears, or, semen. The first divine pair, and thus plurality, resulted from this original emanation. This leads us to the concept of the “One and Many.” In simplified terms, this ancient philosophy of unity and multiplicity or the “one and many” means that the One, God or the Divine, is in all things, and all things are in the Divine. This is the mystery of God as the all-originating first principle, which includes all multiplicity and the multiplicity that is included in the unity. In other words, spirit is within matter, and matter is within spirit; all mutually penetrate. Thus, reality is interpenetrating radical nonduality—oneness. There is no separation between the absolute and the relative, dark and light, spirit and matter, or mind and body. I explain this concept fully in Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church?.

My Solution to the Paradox

I resolved this paradox by my belief that we are not made in the image of God or the Absolute, but we are, as are all other things of creation, a reflection of the original divine unity. Instead of a substance, such as semen, it was the reflection of itself that then produced creation. Thus, the first divine pair, and thus plurality, resulted from the original emanation. (1 + 1[Reflection] = 2, 1[reflection] + 2 = 3) This concept of reflection is indicated in the first letter of the Jewish Alphabet—Aleph. I explain in detail the birth of the universe (seen and unseen) in Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church?.

And when the Absolute reflected itself, the vibration “sang and chanted” creation into existence—the music of the spheres. And thus it began as the “Song of Creation.”

The Reflection of the Absolute or God is within all Things.

Since all things are sentient in essence, maybe the next time you want to pray to God consider sitting in front of a tree and then speaking your words and thoughts from your heart to it. And besides, being in nature will help de-stress your body and mind!


My Bucket has a Hole in It


I’ve journeyed to Iceland seven times; seems like my bucket list has a hole in it. You may ask: what did you accomplish in your bucket list by going to Iceland seven times. Nothing… number one I do not have a bucket list. And by the way, a bucket list comes from the gallows humor idiom, “kick the bucket.” But I don’t plan on kicking the bucket (dying) anytime soon.

My life is not based on accomplishment. It is based on discovery and the experience of living in relationship with my family, friends and nature. I’ve journeyed to Japan eight times and earned multiple black belts in the martial arts—an accomplishment you may say. On the contrary, my reasons for going to Japan were based on questing for mystical experiences. For magic to happen, you cannot sit in your comfortable home and come up with a list of otherworldly occurrences. They’re mystical, you won’t know about them till you experience them. Just as I never would have thought that an esoteric shamanic priest would have a dream about me and travel to find me on the most sacred mountain of Japan—Kōyasan. And subsequently I experienced an extraordinary descending spirit exorcism in front of Kōbō Daishi’s mausoleum at midnight.[i] Since there is only one other historical documented case of a descending spirit experience, how would I have ever thought to put it on a bucket list? Could you ever imagine doing a prayer and in answer an archangel and two assisting angels would appear as three gigantic pillars of light?[ii] How would you put that on a bucket list?

As you may have guessed, I abhor the concept of a bucket list. The key to life is self-discovery and experience. Life is struggle and our experiences and knowledge of ourselves may help us through this struggle with little or no suffering. “When we begin to view experiences as material objects to be placed in a bucket, something of the experience dies. Just as you can’t put water in a bucket and call it a river, you can’t put experiences in a bucket and call it life.

“Many people are looking to fill their buckets with achievements, not experiences. It isn’t the activity itself that captures the individual imagination; it is the vision of the self[iii] having done it. The bucket has become some kind of briefcase that a person carries around, full of resumes to dole out when requested – or not.”[iv]

So – my opinion and suggestion on bucket lists: throw out the bucket and begin experiencing the experience. And put away your smartphones and let your eyes and senses experience—the magic of life.

[i] Kōbō Daishi was the founder of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism. He is believed to be in eternal meditation in his mausoleum, awaiting the arrival of the next Buddha—Miroku Bosatsu.

[ii] The full story is told in Do You Like Jesus – Not the Church? Jesus: His True Message Not the Lie of Christianity, 160 – 184.

[iii] This is an example of an unhealthy ego.

[iv] Excerpted from Kel Rossiter’s “The case against bucket lists,” The Seattle Times, Saturday May 14, 2016, A11

Life Eternal


Once again our earthly journey

Separating from the loving womb of mother

We take our first breath of life, of God’s breath


And we remember

The love and purity of the heavens

The perfection and Oneness of All


With our cry, our journey of life,

Of life’s joys and struggles begins

And remembrance slowly fades


But never totally gone

Throughout the joys and struggles

The joys of family and friends

Of pets, music and the delights of life


There are the struggles

Ones that may strengthen our spirit

The turbulence of life, the cares and sorrows

That hang heavy over our heart

the grief and sorrow of death


But we remember at certain times

the love and perfection

Times when we gaze into the eyes of loved ones

The closeness of family and friends

The sounds of laughter, the playful glee of children, the innocence of a baby


Freshly falling snow may bring remembrance

As may the first blossom of spring

A visit by hummingbird, the beauty of butterfly

The first star of night

The mystery and beauty of nature


Our remembrance is of our heart and soul

Of the starlight eternal


Remember, Remember, Remember


Then it is time, the heavens call

A time to return

Return to the purity of heavenly love

To the perfection and oneness of heaven


In the heavens a star shines brighter


To the ones we leave behind,

Know that you are loved

And know… You are never alone


Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt, 2014