Crack open a warm wine or would you like to smell the tab?


Supposedly convenience and portability are the reasons for the need for wine to be in a can. Life is getting so convenient that before long we’re going to have a device or app to “wipe our ass.” Home and family is where my heart lies. But it seems that home and hearth are no longer that important. I enjoy a cold beer or a red wine on our terrace overlooking the fjord while eagles soar overhead. And I prefer my wine or beer from a glass not out of a can. But that is just me enjoying the sensory ambiance.

In the spirit of capitalism, the profit moguls are convincing consumers that their products will make their life easier and quicker. We’re becoming a society of wimps only communicating through smartphones—no eye-to-eye or heart-to-heart. To save time texting, people are losing the ability to speak in full sentences and write full words—you becomes u.

As a standard rule, people have too much mind chatter—never in the present moment. And being in the present moment means consciously being aware of all your senses. Mind chatter does not allow this and texting only aggravates this state of being. When a society such as Germany decides to put red lights in the surface of the sidewalk so that people on their phones with their heads down will not step out into traffic, what does that tell you? Where has self-responsibility gone? If I’m not paying attention in the moment and step into traffic—well that’s my fault. Mind chatter and focusing your life on things artificial (technology in the form of social media and smartphones) means that you are truly missing life. That is life that lives and breathes. We all need nurturing. A smartphone or Facebook will not truly nurture you. But nature will; as you nurture nature, nature will nurture you. And nature needs to know that your care, respect and love it. Just as your family and friends need to know.

Quick, convenient and easy is the mantra constantly repeated. But this will not strengthen you spirit or evolve your mind and soul. Struggle is a necessary part of life and will forge the compassionate sword of heart and soul. A seed struggles to break through the earth to become a flower and struggle will help us become…

Are we becoming a society focused on convenience and loving our smartphones and apps rather than nature and family? Look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. And the choice is yours.





Pro-Life Is Pro-Choice


Let’s lay a foundation. Within the totality of creation there are six elements: earth, water, fire, air, space, and consciousness. Things that arise by dependent co-origination from the six elements fall into two categories: physical things and things of the mind. Physical things arise from the first five elements while mental things arise from the sixth element, consciousness. All six elements are mutually pervading. The first five elements wholly permeate the sixth, consciousness, and consciousness in turn wholly permeates the other five elements. In other words physical thing and mental things interpenetrate without hindrance.

Consequently, all things have consciousness, not just humans, and will respond accordingly to our consciousness. In other words, everything has a consciousness that is all connected in a web of life extending out and back to the farthest star in the most distant galaxy.

And here is where it gets interesting. We are born with a consciousness of radical nonduality where spirit (absolute) and matter (relative) mutually pervade—spirit within matter and matter within spirit. This is a consciousness of the oneness of this world and the Otherworld—no separation[i] only unity.

Thus, our birth consciousness is a consciousness of oneness. This is not the thought of oneness but the consciousness of it. In other words, our thoughts flow from our consciousness. And our thoughts determine our reality. As we think, we become.

Even though we are born with a consciousness of oneness, within an unknown period of time, it is overlaid by a dualistic consciousness. This is the reason why the majority of people have a dualistic consciousness, which also means their thought patterns are dualistic—right and wrong, good and evil, win and lose, success and failure. This dualistic mindset is further evident in the conflict between the pro-life and pro-choice people. In other words, you are either pro-life or pro-choice. But what if; pro-life meant pro-choice? Take a moment and consider that pro-choice is pro-life without the baggage of religious intolerance dirtying the waters of reality.

Life is choice and choice is life. Our choices in life influence to an extent our life destiny. I would have to assume that many of the pro-lifers are very adamant about the freedom of choice for one issue—guns. Now, this choice is clearly not in the province of furthering life. Of course you can target shoot but why; to become more adapt at taking life –animal and/or human; no plant life is in danger yet except for the ones that can’t shoot straight. Ah, the second amendment; would it surprise you that I agree with the second amendment. The point is that our choices are just that—our choices. No person has the right to prohibit a person’s choice. It is my body, mind and spirit—my fate and destiny. A woman’s body is her body—end of story.


The Meaning of Pro-Life in America

Abortion was legal when America was founded.[ii]

Pro-life as it is used today is, in reality, selective life. The male-dominated church and institutions are focused not on life—that is, all life—but on controlling women’s bodies through fear, dogma, rules, and regulations. The illusion presented is the concern about life, but not all life, just the life of the fetus.

For pro-lifers there is no choice for a woman to abort after becoming pregnant through rape, as it is “something God intended.”[iii] An example of pro-life being selective life is that it is God sanctioned and OK to kill an abortion doctor or nurse, but aborting a fetus is murder. Pro-life is totally focused on the fetus, not the welfare and life of the child after he or she is born—another form of their hypocrisy.

Pro-Life Is Pro-Choice

Being pro-life, and this means all life, even down to the smallest ant, does not mean that we are not pro-choice. In fact, the reality is that being pro-life makes us pro-choice. Believing that all things are alive, responsive, and intrinsically important and precious, we determine our actions and behaviors, words, and thoughts totally based on this most basic, but important, paradigm of life. This is a paradigm of life that encompasses choice and power.

Yes, power—empowerment. Self-power based on our belief in the divineness that is within us as well as within all other things of creation. This is true faith, not the hollow faith of the church. If we have the power within, we do not need religious or secular institutions telling us what to think and what choices to make—especially if it concerns our bodies.

For women, pro-life as pro-choice presents a different view of abortion, one based on common sense and love, not fear and guilt. We know that the question of when soulful human life begins is the source of the conflict between pro-choice and pro-life. It is also one of the greatest human spiritual and religious mysteries. And because it is a mystery, it cannot be proven one way or the other. On the other hand, even a mystery such as this may still have some light shed on it. However, the church would rather keep you ignorant and in the dark.

Christianity’s dogma states that the soul enters at conception, while Judaism believes that ensoulment occurs at birth:

“Jewish law not only permits, but in some circumstances requires abortion. Where the mother’s life is in jeopardy because of the unborn child, abortion is mandatory. An unborn child has the status of ‘potential human life’ until the majority of the body has emerged from the mother. Potential human life is valuable, and may not be terminated casually, but it does not have as much value as a life in existence. The Talmud makes no bones about this: it says quite bluntly that if the fetus threatens the life of the mother, you cut it up within her body and remove it limb by limb if necessary, because its life is not as valuable as hers. But once the greater part of the body has emerged, you cannot take its life to save the mother’s, because you cannot choose between one human life and another.”[iv]

Since ensoulment is a spiritual and religious mystery, where can we turn to discover some truth? It seems that common sense, as well as biblical teachings, may provide us with the key to the contentious issue of when soulful human life begins. The key is breath.

Have you ever seen or felt a baby’s first breath of life? Have you ever heard a baby’s initial cry—the soul’s cry of life? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a newborn baby and seen that spark of life? And have you ever viewed a person that has died—passed over—and recognized the absence or lack of breath and that spark? At the moment of our first breath, the divine spark, pure and untainted (no sin, no metaphoric dirt), entered us from the heavens.

I know by experience the fact and truth that breath is life. Inversely, the lack of breath is death. In all cultures breath was accorded a special place within their spiritual and philosophical traditions. In the Hebrew Tanaka, the word ruach is translated as “divine wind, breath, or spirit.” “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”[v] In other words, it is a striking image of “an apparently lifeless body being slowly revived by artificial respiration. God himself breathes the breath of life into the first human being. For all his earthy substance, man has something divine about him.”[vi]

“According to the bible, a fetus is not a living person with a soul until after drawing its first breath.

After God formed man in Genesis 2:7, He ‘breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and it was then that the man became a living being.’ Although the man was fully formed by God in all respects, he was not a living being until after taking his first breath. In Job 33:4, it states: ‘The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.’

“Again, to quote Ezekiel 37:5&6, ‘Thus says the Lord God to these bones: Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live. And I will lay sinews upon you, and will cause flesh to come upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and you shall live; and you shall know that I am the Lord.’

“According to the bible, destroying a living fetus does not equate to killing a living human being even though the fetus has the potential of becoming a human being. One cannot kill something that has not been born and taken a breath.

“There is nothing in the bible to indicate that a fetus is considered to be anything other than living tissue and, according to scripture, it does not become a living being until after it has taken a breath.”[vii]

One last point, the fetus is a potential human being, not a separate, soulful life. Of course, it is alive and receiving the essence of the mother as well as the genetic or the earthly lineages of both the mother and father—a potential human being. But it is still not a soulful human being. The mother and the fetus are alive but are not two separate, soulful lives. Thus the loss of the potential baby, in my estimation, although I am not a woman, is one of the greatest losses outside of losing an actual child that a woman may experience during her lifetime, either through abortion miscarriage or stillbirth. I am not equating abortion with miscarriage and stillbirth. Abortion is a choice; miscarriage and stillbirth are the sufferings and struggles of life happening. And I believe that there is not enough help and support in our male-dominated society for women to heal from this loss (if they can actually ever totally heal).

In my mind, the conscious choice to abort a fetus is the hardest and greatest choice a woman must face in life. But again, it is a choice. The woman is not killing or taking a human soulful life. She is losing a part of herself and a potential child. This loss is great, and it needs to be mourned and then healed—not only the loss itself but also any guilt or sadness. If there is anything lacking in legalized abortions, it is the absence of comprehensive emotional and spiritual healing after the abortion.

[i] There is no veil, as some teach, that separates the unseen and seen worlds.

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Earth Day 2016


The word “earth” is an anagram for the word “heart.”

Earth is a paradise of wonders all wrapped up in myriad colors. It is alive with a consciousness that responds to all the things that call it home. I believe in a partnership with the earth and feel at one with it. I do not believe in being superior to nature, acting as its steward, but instead acting as one with nature and in partnership with the earth in cocreating a paradisiacal state of life for all life.[i]

But sadly this is not the current state of affairs between humanity and the earth where there is biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. The capitalistic elites are treating the earth as their private garbage heap while not revealing the true extent of the effect they are having on climate change.

The illusion surrounding the climate crisis—it’s more severe than the capitalistic scientists are admitting. But there is more to the problem than just reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There is humanity’s mind pollution.

All things have consciousness, not just humans, and will respond accordingly to our consciousness. This is the reason that human’s physical acts of destruction and pollution of the environment are not the totality of the problem. Nature and creatures are affected by the greed, fear, and anger of humans. Furthermore, humanity’s worldview and mindset of separation, where humans are superior to all other things of the earth, is caustic to nature and the environment. This is humanity’s mind pollution. Instead of fear and separation, what nature needs is a nurturing spirit of unity, loving kindness flowing from our hearts, and our sincere gratitude for nature’s beauty and its garden paradise. As we nurture nature, nature will nurture us.

Accept a Green Philosophy

Be in awe of the wonder and beauty of Earth and all her creatures – Make a vow to yourself, to the earth and the heavens knowing that all things are alive, conscious and responsive: Every Day is Earth Day, I will love, honor, care and respect all things of the Earth as I love, honor, care and respect myself – all humans as brother/sister, all things as cousin from eagle, raven and owl – all winged ones above, to the grandest mountains, valleys, trees and soil of the earth, down to the oceans, seas and rivers, all creatures large and small down to the tiniest ones that creep, crawl and wiggle. I am in partnership with the earth cocreating a garden paradise for all.

[i] Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt, Return of a Green Philosophy: The Wisdom of Óðinn, the Power of Þórr, and Freyja’s Power of Nature, 75.

Be Uncivilized


Humanity needs a new story—a new myth. The destructiveness caused by the old myth is evident in the collapsing infrastructure of both society and the biosphere. The old consciousness will not right the wrongs that have been perpetrated for thousands of years. 

People’s attention has been focused on a flawed story (original sin, materialism, domination of nature, etc.) and an illusionary dream of ‘mankind.’ The attention needs to shift to a different one, a new story of equality, truth, power to the people and power to the earth—an egalitarian reality, not only for humankind, but for all things of the earth. This new story will give a different perspective of ourselves, the world around us and the things that we value.

Our new story is based on our hearts, not on our minds. It values the human family not the industrial elites. It sees value in partnership not exploitation of nature. It feels the bond between humanity and the earth not between ‘man and money.’ It hears a song of love not a sermon of greed and power. It tastes clean, clear water not industrial runoff. It smells the fragrant air not toxic emissions. Our human story values and recognizes the equality and worth of all living things of the earth and heaven. Our story values the wealth found within our hearts of compassion and love not the wealth of money and material things. 

Our new myth begins with our continuing existence in the Garden of Eden sharing this paradise equally with all living things of the earth—an egalitarian existence. Our myth contains humanity’s birth in original divinity not in original sin. Our myth awakens us to the knowledge that we are in partnership with all things of nature—we are one with nature not separate from it. We see each other in peace as brothers and sisters not in conflict as strangers or foes. We are no longer our brothers and sisters keeper; we are our brothers/sisters. 

Our story goes on to portray us first and foremost as divine human beings by not segregating us into either male or female or different races. We see all life connected in a divine web of consciousness—where spirit and matter, the relative and the absolute interpenetrate in an oneness of being.