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But to those who have understood that Love is the key, the White Owl will appear, and will lead them into another time. One cycle ends, but another commences—and a seed group will go forward into the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Holy Spirit. (Elizabeth Van Buren, Refuge of the Apocalypse: Doorway into Other Dimensions, 206.)

Snowy Owl Speaks is the blog of Snowy Owl Publication and the philosophy, teachings and far travels of Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt, the Morning Star. Snowy Owl Publication is the publisher of Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church? Jesus: His True Message Not the Lie of Christianity:

Christianity, at its heart, embraces a lie rather than the teachings of Jesus. This lie permeates all of Christianity, distorting and obscuring the truths Jesus wanted to impart.

Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church? strips away the lie to reveal Jesus’s real message, a message of radical nonduality and an egalitarian philosophy of equality, unity, and love.

Return of a Green Philosophy: The Wisdom of Óðinn, the Power of Þórr, and Freyja’s Power of Nature:

If you find modern modes of thinking and being in the world seem shallow and leave you wanting more, let Dr. JC Husfelt introduce you to the ancient Norse-Germanic tradition—and the tremendous wisdom it offers for living in harmony with nature.


The crisis facing humanity has been brought about by greed and a separation consciousness that results in an eroding of our spirit and furthers the ongoing slaughter of innocents and the degradation and destruction of nature. Capitalism and organized religion have been the source and driving force of this crisis.

Our blog will explore these and other key issues of life and death.

Divine Humanity

In October of 1993, my wife, Sherry, and I conducted a spiritual journey to the Big Island of Hawaii. To begin the journey we conducted a spiritual/ religious ceremony called a “burning” or “feeding the spirits of the ancestors.” The ceremony was performed the day before my vision at dusk. In the predawn hours, less than twelve hours later, I experienced the divine call both as something heard and something seen—in the form of a vision and a voice. “This star is you; you are this star; the purification is of the people; all are one.” This star was Venus – the Morning Star.

The next morning at the Big Island’s White Sand Beach, my native Hawaiian healer friend gave me a message from one of his ancestors who came to him during the burning. “My ancestor brought me a message, but it’s for you. My ancestor said that you are a kahuna po’o (high priest). You are a prophet bringing back first knowledge—the lost knowledge and sacred teachings that have been misunderstood, forgotten, and corrupted. You have a message, path, and way to share with this world, but do not identify it as being from these islands or other lands. This only separates people and does not unite them. Name it whatever you like. Don’t get discouraged with the resistance you will face; it’s your destiny.”

The name I chose was Divine Humanity. All things are divine with the spark—the starlight of God, the Great Mystery, the All—within them. In other words, the divine is within all things (seen and unseen), and all things are within the divine. This is radical nonduality or oneness where spirit and matter, the absolute and relative, interpenetrate. And there is no original sin, only original divinity.

The oneness of interpenetrative radical nonduality sees a reality where there is no separation between mind and body, dark and light, or spirit and matter. The most profound and essential nature of things is not distinct from the things recognizable by our senses. In other words, our sacred self and our profane self are nondual and interpenetrate; likewise, all other sentient beings’ (and things’) sacred identity and profane identity are nondual and interpenetrate. This is true oneness.

Divine Humanity believes that each and every person and all things have an immortal spark within them—an indestructible seed of divine light, the divine immanence. This indestructible seed of divine light may be likened to a mustard seed within our hearts.

Divine Humanity is a green philosophy and pure religion (not organized). It may be a person’s philosophy and/or religion.

A Green Philosophy is a Life Philosophy.

Right now, change and transformation are needed. A return to a green philosophy is needed. This is an egalitarian philosophy of humanity’s partnership with the seen and unseen things of the earth and nature—a green philosophy.

Furthermore, society has lost many of the values treasured by past indigenous cultures, such as a partnership with nature, truth telling, and elder/ancestor respect and honor. We need to discover meaning in life—not accumulate money and material things. The equality of men and women as well as the equality of all things—as all have the starlight/divine spark within them—needs to be reinstated. These and other lost values need to be reinstated throughout this earth. Nature needs to be respected, loved and cared for by humanity. We need to be partners in relationship with nature, not its stewards.

Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt